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My 2022 dev resolutions

I’m working on improving my habits so I’ll be writing yearly resolutions… starting today! This is what I’d like to achieve in 2022, professionally-wise:

2022 dev resolutions

Soft skills

I need to focus more on communicating in the corporate world (might need to look into emotional intelligence and diplomacy). I’ll also be continuing to network with like-minded people and to keep up-to-date with tech news.

Personal brand

In 2021 I’ve managed to blog somewhat consistently, averaging one post every two weeks. This year I’d like to bring that average up to one post per week.


2021 was markedly back-end focused and I plan to keep it that way. In addition, I would like to get a wider exposure to system design and architecture. If all else fails, this might require to actually communicate with the DevOps team. :scream: I’ll do my best.


I want to keep it back-end focused. And do some tech demos of those cool techs I’m tinkering with. This might even change a few ideas, who knows?

Tech skills

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, as the song goes:

  • Dig deeper into back-end:
    • Build REST APIs with flask
    • Learn the Go programming language (and tech demo it!)
  • Get a better understanding of system design and architecture
  • Familiarize myself with cloud computing
  • Project-wise, do the following for Gal4xy:
    • Finish porting it from C to C++
    • Build multiplayer support using Protocol Buffers and gRPC
    • Add a Qt GUI


Whew, that’s quite the list! :sweat_smile: I’ll come back to review my progress in one year’s time when I’ll be doing the 2022 wrap-up. I’m both a bit nervous and a bit excited as it’s the first time I’m doing this kind of exercise. Everything’s gonna be OK.

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